Monster Forming


A creative development: Commissioned and supported by Cumulus Productions.

Finished by C.P. Cavafy
Submerged in fear and suspicion,
with troubled mind and frightened eyes,
we dissolve. We make plans
to avoid the certain danger
so dreadfully threatening us.
But we are mistaken. It does not lie in our path.
The messages were lies
(or we did not hear or heard wrong).
Another catastrophe, never imagined,
sudden, falling in torrents,
finds us unprepared--out of time--sandbars us away.

The Monster forming took an intimate look at what makes us afraid – from the monsters within – monsters made – monsters kept – monsters shared – monsters found and so much more. It is about the things that stay stashed, unspoken, kept secret and shut tight.

The creative development explored how fear affects the individual both physically and mentally. The usefulness of the flight and fight mechanism in the body, protocols of fear both in western and non western countries with particular reference to the hikikomori or shut in culture in Japan –

Monster Forming: Its about background noise unnoticed acts, Its about the placebo, it's about smoking rooms in Bangkok airport, its about being on the verge, its about intimacy, its about hope, its about cracks of light, it's about damaged goods, it's about Chicken Little – the Sky is falling.

Devised and performed by

Fiona Malone
James Winter
Gavin Clarke
Linda Luke
Nick Osborne

Director: Sam Chester
Dramaturge: Kevin Jackson
Design Consultation: Krystal Giddings

WITH HUGE THANKS TO: Kevin Jackson, Elaine Hudson, Rhys Morris, George Khut and Queen Street Studio.